Another Rabbit Hole

Of course poets always have something to say. Pithy, profound, wistful, sublime words that stab at the heart and tickle the brain.

But let’s have some fun and take your group poem down a different rabbit hole. I mean, really, there’s an abundance of rabbits in our world, there’s bound to be more then one rabbit hole and more then one way to write a group poem. Right.

Try this.

The assignment: Everybody writes a word/phrase/sentence that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Adversity keeps me
But why be cool
Cantaloupe pudding

Everlasting grief

Feelings spoken

Get the idea?

H It isn’t rocket science

J K L Memories invade my sleep

N On to the end
P Q R S T U Vampires drool

Whole sentences will work

Xeric mummy falls to dust

You write something for each letter

Zombies rule

Then each person brings copies of what they have written – A to Z – to share with the group.

Enough copies for everyone.  From those phrases for A, B, C, etc. from all the poets, everyone constructs an Acrostic poem – picking and choosing the phrases that click. You know, one of those poems where the 1st letters spell a word or phrase like COLD or GOT ANY CHEESE, which by the way, is something my pooka, Chester, wants to know.


“You know. Really, really thick cream.”

4 thoughts on “Another Rabbit Hole

  1. Lesley

    This is a fun thing to do with kids as well! I’m asking permission to use it in the future for lesson planning on poetry. I like that it’s creative and pretty open ended.

    1. Roz Post author

      Sure. Depending on the age, you could even have a topic. Say the kids are studying Britain. The A to Z phrases are related to Britain. Then the Acrostic Poem is the word Celt, tower of London or dragon.


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