The Ides of March

I am starting a new holiday – The Ides of March. It’s for practical gifts. The ones you never dare give a person. I want a new vacuum that sucks cat hair. Dick wants books on Python and computer QC testing. We have both had these items on our lists for two or three years. They are still there.

So my new holiday is a month away. Nothing romantic can be given. Gardening is a passion and I want new clippers, barkdust and gloves. But the word passion is attached, so I do not expect them on March 15. I can wait for Mother’s Day.

Dick is a computer guru/geek, but Python is work and has never made it to I can’t wait to read it status. It is at the top of his Ides of March list.

So remember, this holiday is for un-cool functional items that enhance your day to day, month to month life. No cards with goooshy sayings. Gift cards to restaurants – nope. Cash and gift cards that can be spent on luxury items are not for this holiday.

Join me on March 15th and get your loved one the foot powder he uses, brass polish, a new toothbrush and dry books. I am looking forward to a new vacuum cleaner.

2 thoughts on “The Ides of March

  1. Lesley

    This is a great idea. My want would be cinnamon gum, like big red. It keeps its flavor forever and keeps the snacking away.


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