The Ides of March: A Holiday for Practical Gifts

My new holiday, The Ides of March, is almost here and I can’t wait. My new vacuum, a present from my hubby, is arriving just in time for the annual cat hair shedding season. And since Wednesday is payday, there’s plenty of time for me to get last minute presents for family and friends.

Since this is a new holiday, the rules are evolving. I’ve already declared this is a holiday for un-cool functional items that enhance daily and monthly life. No romance. No fru-fru. No gooshy cards. Here are a couple more rules. Keep in mind, I’m just laying the foundation here. The Ides of March is evolving and is subject to interpretation by the givers.

Okay. Considering the casualness of The Ides of March holiday, it’s okay to give early, on time or late. Wrapped or unwrapped. Assembled or to be assembled. Delivered by UPS, etc. That is it for now. See how simple it is?

I’m looking forward to hearing from folks about the jaw-dropping my-spouse-would-kill-me-if-I-got-him/her-that-for-V-day presents.

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