My New Cure for Writer’s Block — Which I Normally Don’t Suffer From

A seemingly long and exhausting mid-morning shoot of a cooking show and a frantic editing of a cover letter and synopsis to get some pages in the mail to beat a deadline left me starving. So after dropping off the envelope at the post office, Dick and I had lunch at a Thai restaurant on Hawthorne.

We came home and I was dragging my ass, so a nap was in order. Normally my naps last about an hour – at most an hour and a half. But this one was three hours.

Oh, my goodness. Did I have strange dreams. The first was about people who built a house in the middle of a house like the one we had on the farm. Perhaps they were human wasps. We ended up hog-tying them and having them hauled off by the police.

I roused, rolled over, and fell back asleep.

So I had a second dream about Dick and I being turned into aliens. This one I had to take control of because the aliens kept besting us.

So I woke up. Yikes!

With the weird dreams and three hour nap, I expect I’ll be up late writing. And next time I have writer’s block, I’m going back to my Thai restaurant for some Sweet & Sour and Spicy Green Beans followed by a nap.

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