All That Jazz and Corn Relish

Yes. My wonderful hubby and I have written a couple cookbooks. We did this because we were running the Clubhouse at a couple of the West Coast Regional SF conventions aka Westercon.

At the Westercons, there were two hospitality suites. Our Clubhouse was the one with the baklava, home baked breads, coffee cakes, fresh salads, and other wonderful food.

Our first cookbook was called MAWS. The second was called FOOD JAZZ.

That’s how I look at food. Here’s an excerpt from FOOD JAZZ.

“Food as jazz . . . Each ingredient playing its part in a harmonious combination of flavors. Consider a salsa. High treble riff of hot chilies, a melody of tomatoes, perky notes of cilantro, a background bass of garlic, and onions keeping a syncopated rhythm.

A duo of cooks steeped – and sometimes pickled – in experience tossing salad ingredients like a Dixieland band tossing happy notes. The ingredients are like little melodies waiting to be turned like the whippoorwill’s song into a blues potato salad, a curry, or a new dip that just seems to flow together.”

‘Nuff said about that. Here’s the corn relish recipe. Homemade beats store bought any day.

Corn Relish

2 cups cut corn (1-1/2 dozen ears)
1 quart chopped cabbage
1 cup chopped sweet red pepper

1 cup chopped green pepper
1 cup chopped onion
1 tablespoon celery seed
1 tablespoon salt
1 table turmeric
2 tablespoons mustard seed
1 cup water 1 quart vinegar
1 to 2 cups sugar

To prepare the corn, boil 5 minutes; then cut from the cob. Combine with the remaining ingredients and simmer 20 minutes. Finish off by bringing to a full boil. Pack hot into hot pint jars, leaving 1/8 inch head space. Adjust caps. Process 15 minutes, following standard canning procedures. Makes about 6 pints

Corn Relish Dip

1 pint home-made corn relish, drained
8 ounces cream cheese

Mix together and serve with crackers, bread pieces, or veggies. By adding or decreasing the amount of cream cheese, this can be formed into a mold, used as a dip or spread.

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