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Sustainable Living and The Greener Good

For the last couple of years I’ve been learning filmmaking. Mostly, I have worked with Pandora Patterson who founded the blog, For The Greener Good. During this time, I did a bit of script writing (Intro for the hosts), camera work, and sound – both in a studio and on location.

There’s a lot to learn and I still have a huge mountain to climb. But for now, here’s a link to one of the videos Pandora has produced: and here’s a link to the For The Greener Good website:

A Holiday for Non-Cool Gifts

Here Come the Ides of March. But don’t beware, be practical.

In 2013 I set up a holiday for my family and friends. I chose the much maligned date of March 15th or The Ides of March as my annual holiday for the gifting of non-cool, practical items.

An underlying reason was a long, burning desire for a new vacuum cleaner, and as we all know, vacuum cleaners are not a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

This is my fourth Ides of March and I have scored a new vacuum, brooms, mops, and other items that have made my day-to-day living a bit easier. Some I don’t remember, but they really are practical and don’t rank up there with a bottle of wine and a book by my favorite author. And I’ve given dry books on Python, a shoe rack, a toilet seat, toothbrushes, a magic cleaning sponge, and many other items to friends and family.

March 15th is coming up fast and there’s still time to get something for your loved-one. This is a casual holiday. You don’t need to sweat it. Here are some rules that I follow:

• Un-cool functional items that enhance your day to day, month to month life are good.
• No cards with gooshy sayings.
• No gift cards to restaurants – nope. Cash and gift cards that can be spent on luxury items are not for this holiday.
• Wrapping is not necessary. If you do wrap, brown paper bags will do.
• Nothing romantic. A note regarding this – chocolate is okay. Chocolate is practical.
• Items can be shipped or delivered in person or left on the porch. A note on a piece of scratch paper is allowed.
• Items can be given ahead, on, or after March 15th.
• Items do not have to be assembled.
• Nothing that feeds a passion (for me that’s gardening).

So what is it you have wanted for years that would make your day or a family member’s day or a friend’s day easier? A new wheelbarrow? A shovel? An electric toothbrush? Batteries? A shoe rack? A power strip? It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to glow in the dark. It doesn’t have to arrive on the 15th. It just needs to be practical.

I have my fingers crossed for a new floor scrubber. It’s okay if I don’t get it on the 15th. It can come after we get our tax return.