Monthly Archives: April 2016

Moving a Mountain of Compost

So yesterday was to be a work party at the garden to move a huge pile of pine needles and wood chips off of a new plot I’m going to use. It’s been composting for over a year. An online site said the dirt will not be too acid.

I arrived early to take care of a couple other tasks – putting up the netting for beans and wrapping my tomatoes in case the temps drop again at night. They looked pretty perky.

But I was the only one at the garden. How was I going to move that huge mound of composted vegetation? I wanted to cry — something I hate to do.

At 3:30, my friend drove up and had her son, Sam, with her. In just a few minutes Sam was shoveling the compost into a wheelbarrow and distributing it around the garden shed. In an hour and a half, he had moved most of the compost.

What a relief. Tomorrow, Friday, I am going back to the garden and doing a final clean-up before turning the dirt and checking the PH level. Hopefully, there will be worms — big fat ones. If not, there will be more worms rescued from the fish bait people.