So here is something I remembered as I read about the Democratic sit-in. It is how much impact the Polish Solidarity movement had on the USSR. From there the thread lead to how controlling the GOP wants to be over all aspects of the US economy, land, and people. It’s not a democratic POV, but is closer to the USSR POV which disallowed disention.

Now, Solidarity began as a non-violent sit-in by Polish laborers. I remember reading and hearing about it as it happened. Here’s a link to a Wiki article about the movement:

Since I’m encouraging a bit of light reading, here is another link. This one is to a book I read when I was in my early twenties, The Gulag Archipelago. Because of this book and the book How to Lie With Statistics, I have ever since questioned authority even when in a position of authority.

Here’s a link about The Gulag Archipelago. After checking it out, I encourage you to read the book.

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