If I Can’t Get a New Car, I Want Ponies

Iceland jailed some of its bankers after a massive financial crisis.

Canada. Well, I love Justin Trudeau, but then there was their last Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The people of all the countries I can think of have made social and political decisions that did not make sense.

They were not logical.

That is – logical to me.

For me, these decisions were tied to power, greed, and fear.

I’d add religion, but religion can encompass power, greed, and fear as part of its leaders’ hold over followers. In many cases, it has become another conduit of suppression and means of control. Religion has given us the best of times and the worst of times.

But back to politics.

Countries, even the wonderful Netherlands, have those who support suppression and isolationism. In Australia, politics are messy. France has been at the forefront of turmoil more than once. Remember the Guillotine? And least we forget this last summer’s chaos across the pond – Brexit. Add to the list North Korea, The Philippines, India, oh hell, all the countries of Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and North America.

Everywhere there are humans, chaos happens.

Throughout human history and prehistory, back in time and forward into the future, around the world, some leaders strive for social justice and peace – or at least tolerance. But not all. For some, their utopia is a world where they dominate.

Yes, I am worried about the future of this country. I am worried about the future of my child, his wife, and son. I am worried about the future of all sons and daughters, the environment, the earth.

Because of this I cannot give up. I cannot quit. I must continue to work towards a fair and just world.

Nor will I be embarrassed or shamed by the results of this election. There are hundreds of circuses and thousands of clowns. And whether it is monkeys in the circus or clowns in the car, this time the monkeys and clowns are mine. And I understand why so many people are terrified of clowns.

Next time, I want ponies.

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