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From Blob to Blog

I don’t believe in failure. I do believe in trial and error, thunking my head on my computer desk, reading, rereading and a lot of thinking. It’s how I do things. It’s how I create.

Through the years I have been baffled by people’s responses to some of my projects – the end result. But now I realize most are seeing the gilded lily and have missed the t & e, thunking, reading x 100 and as Jack Benny would say, “I’m thinking”, stages.

So here’s a little insight into How Roz Works. It’s how I built my World of Toves and pretty much everything else I have done. You will get to see this creation process as I put together this blog + pages + links on WordPress. In other words, I’m going to show you my Oops!, my fumblings and my victories.

Presently, my blog page sucks. I feel I wrote a good 1st post, but it did not format as I wanted even though I used ctrl V. And initially my was heading readers to my HostGator menu. OOPS!

I contacted HostGator via a ticket and the wonderful Mr Fixit, Matthew, politely noted I had missed a FAQ. He also redirected readers to my blog. Thanks, Matthew.

I still have to work on WordPress formatting. I guess I need to reread the 200+ page book Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes. Let’s see, that’s 8 minutes to read 200+ pages and 2 minutes to build the site.

So. I have a header, post, a photo and not much else. My next step is to figure out how to beautify my page – make my background and photo go together – and set up my “About Me” page.

And that is my next step. Keep checking my page and watch my blob go to blog as I ask myself, “What did I learn from this?” and “What does this button do?” Oops.

What fun!