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A Holiday for Non-Cool Gifts

Here Come the Ides of March. But don’t beware, be practical.

In 2013 I set up a holiday for my family and friends. I chose the much maligned date of March 15th or The Ides of March as my annual holiday for the gifting of non-cool, practical items.

An underlying reason was a long, burning desire for a new vacuum cleaner, and as we all know, vacuum cleaners are not a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

This is my fourth Ides of March and I have scored a new vacuum, brooms, mops, and other items that have made my day-to-day living a bit easier. Some I don’t remember, but they really are practical and don’t rank up there with a bottle of wine and a book by my favorite author. And I’ve given dry books on Python, a shoe rack, a toilet seat, toothbrushes, a magic cleaning sponge, and many other items to friends and family.

March 15th is coming up fast and there’s still time to get something for your loved-one. This is a casual holiday. You don’t need to sweat it. Here are some rules that I follow:

• Un-cool functional items that enhance your day to day, month to month life are good.
• No cards with gooshy sayings.
• No gift cards to restaurants – nope. Cash and gift cards that can be spent on luxury items are not for this holiday.
• Wrapping is not necessary. If you do wrap, brown paper bags will do.
• Nothing romantic. A note regarding this – chocolate is okay. Chocolate is practical.
• Items can be shipped or delivered in person or left on the porch. A note on a piece of scratch paper is allowed.
• Items can be given ahead, on, or after March 15th.
• Items do not have to be assembled.
• Nothing that feeds a passion (for me that’s gardening).

So what is it you have wanted for years that would make your day or a family member’s day or a friend’s day easier? A new wheelbarrow? A shovel? An electric toothbrush? Batteries? A shoe rack? A power strip? It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to glow in the dark. It doesn’t have to arrive on the 15th. It just needs to be practical.

I have my fingers crossed for a new floor scrubber. It’s okay if I don’t get it on the 15th. It can come after we get our tax return.

The Ides of March: A Holiday for Practical Gifts

My new holiday, The Ides of March, is almost here and I can’t wait. My new vacuum, a present from my hubby, is arriving just in time for the annual cat hair shedding season. And since Wednesday is payday, there’s plenty of time for me to get last minute presents for family and friends.

Since this is a new holiday, the rules are evolving. I’ve already declared this is a holiday for un-cool functional items that enhance daily and monthly life. No romance. No fru-fru. No gooshy cards. Here are a couple more rules. Keep in mind, I’m just laying the foundation here. The Ides of March is evolving and is subject to interpretation by the givers.

Okay. Considering the casualness of The Ides of March holiday, it’s okay to give early, on time or late. Wrapped or unwrapped. Assembled or to be assembled. Delivered by UPS, etc. That is it for now. See how simple it is?

I’m looking forward to hearing from folks about the jaw-dropping my-spouse-would-kill-me-if-I-got-him/her-that-for-V-day presents.

The Ides of March

I am starting a new holiday – The Ides of March. It’s for practical gifts. The ones you never dare give a person. I want a new vacuum that sucks cat hair. Dick wants books on Python and computer QC testing. We have both had these items on our lists for two or three years. They are still there.

So my new holiday is a month away. Nothing romantic can be given. Gardening is a passion and I want new clippers, barkdust and gloves. But the word passion is attached, so I do not expect them on March 15. I can wait for Mother’s Day.

Dick is a computer guru/geek, but Python is work and has never made it to I can’t wait to read it status. It is at the top of his Ides of March list.

So remember, this holiday is for un-cool functional items that enhance your day to day, month to month life. No cards with goooshy sayings. Gift cards to restaurants – nope. Cash and gift cards that can be spent on luxury items are not for this holiday.

Join me on March 15th and get your loved one the foot powder he uses, brass polish, a new toothbrush and dry books. I am looking forward to a new vacuum cleaner.